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We need diversity among teachers — The Daily Campus

The objective is to offer education that does justice to that fact that there are differences. After hosting various team days and brainstorming sessions and then conducting a survey among teachers, three pillars representing the basis for educational development, have been defined. To ensure that every teacher stays involved with innovations, they can each choose which pillar they want to work on.

They can then choose the role they want to play: creative thinker providing tips and ideas , designer developing an idea , executor carrying out what has been designed , or chaser making sure the idea is actually designed and carried out. This broadens the support base among teachers and ensures that the work is clearly distributed, thus avoiding a situation in which too much is expected of just one person.

racial and ethnic differences in the pipeline of teachers

Not everyone is actively involved — a creative thinker, for example, is often only present during meetings. But Scala College made a deliberate choice in this respect so that teachers are given more space. It has the effect of energising mainly the teachers who are enthusiastic. Everyone is familiar with the three pillars and, to a greater extent, they support the basic principles.

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America Needs More Teachers of Color and a More Selective Teaching Profession

A student doing physics or biology can now choose whether to carry out the regular practical assignment or one in which the emphasis is more on research. The options include a blog, a speech, an interview, and so on.

We Talked To 18 Teachers In Oklahoma Calling It Quits (HBO)

With the help of the creative thinkers, the design teacher opened up this project so that it can also be tackled in other subjects, such as history, chemistry, physics, geography and languages. The Scala College is currently incorporating the pillars into its lessons and every step in that direction, regardless of how small, is a significant one.

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