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Is your job or personal life lacking something you need? If, after some soul-searching, you find that you want to stay where you are but to control your schedule more, your most important tool will be negotiating, Kossek and Ashworth agree.

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Setting communication boundaries, such as when and how often you can be contacted, can also play into negotiations. This goes for your role in family life as well.

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Save up for a safety net, research healthcare, and build support from your family and friends. Cori Ashworth uses traditional self-assessment instruments such as the Myers-Briggs personality typology, and also serves as a resource and sounding board, and even as a coach.

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Having her services available through Mount Holyoke allows alumnae to explore possibilities in a safe and comfortable way. To make an appointment with Ashworth, visit alumnae. The immense variety in alumnae career paths demonstrates that practically anything is possible for those searching for fulfillment in work and life. Downshifting can increase the quality of your own life, and help nudge society to create a workforce encouraged to have both a fulfilling career and a satisfying personal life.

She resigned and went to Lake Tahoe, where she taught three- to five-year-olds skiing and snowboarding. West continues to work part-time to maintain health benefits, but the majority of her time is spent painting and printmaking. She also followed a dream, one begun in an art-history course at MHC, to walk an ancient pilgrimage route from France to Spain.

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At left: Melissa West depicts the end of her walk across Spain in Following in the Footsteps of Generations , surrounded by the ghosts of previous pilgrims. Hilary K. She is training and teaching six days a week, with chairing fundraising events and freelance writing filling the rest of the hours.

Not only have I never been more fit in my life, but I no longer have chronic back problems or frequent colds.

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The benefits of doing what she loves are balanced with the discovery that competitive riders can be brutal as they vie for students and recognition. Downshifters also need to cultivate support, Moore says. Go to alumnae. Giving up employer-subsidized healthcare benefits is a major obstacle for many would-be downshifters.

Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement by these people, or by the Alumnae Association of Mount Holyoke College. Healthcare Insurance Basics. Small-business health insurance is often provided through local or regional chambers of commerce. Follow this link for a national resource. The Department of Labor has information on COBRA, which permits people to continue for up to eighteen months coverage they had through an employer. However, most employers pay at least a portion of the premium for employees, but COBRA requires that the former employee pay the entire premium plus a 2 percent administration fee.

Tags: career , change , features , Summer Thought I am not literally a downshifter-I still work-full time-I have given up many voluntary projects. I question whether human beings were meant to multi-task an high efficiency their entire waking life. Your email address will not be published. No, that would have been unthinkable… Search term:. When Down Leads to Up Downshifting Brings Upsurge in Quality of Life While most drivers leave gear choice to their automatic transmission, some prefer the control offered by shifting their own gears.

Mount Holyoke Women Downshift Mount Holyoke alumnae have taken this trend in their own remarkable directions, for a variety of reasons.

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Has a lot of research on new ways of working, including a study funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foun dation on reduced load work. Women for Hire : The company helps leading employers connect with top-notch professional women in all fields. She also does in-person and long-distance counseling for alumnae. To make an appointment with Ashworth, visit our Web site or call View Now. More details. Rated 4. Awesome Book - by Reema , book.

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Isbn Isbn Dimension 0. Refresh Refresh Prices. Lynn Huggins-Cooper is a mother ofthree and an expert on parenting and in Blooming pregnancy she reveals 52 top Tips to make sure youand your partner get the most out of your pregnancy. You'll findthe answers to some important questions.

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Will you ever see your feet again? Here are someinspirational insights to help you both share in the happiness ofyour up and coming bundle of joy. For Sale in Indiansubcontinent only Lynn Huggins-Cooper is a widely published author with wellover 90 Books in print, including Blooming pregnancy, Downshift to the good-life and Raising teenagers in the Brilliant Ideas series.