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Commandites et partenariats. Laisser un commentaire. Service aux entreprises et aux institutions. In one class I was the oldest person, in the other one I was the second oldest person. Maybe I was the second oldest in both classes. He has those three types.

Pirate is like Homer Simpson, very system-one. Totally feeling and just instinctual. Then robot is the Spock.

For The Sender: Love Is (Not A Feeling) - With You - Alex Woodard & Molly Jenson

Coming in and saying one thing, leaving and fixing the entire thing. He wrote a book called Thinking, Fast and Slow , fast system-one, slow system-two. I did three years in Chicago and I loved it and for a lot of reasons. My girlfriend went there for a job and we were both living in LA previously. We were both pretty frustrated with our lot there. We have moved there. We did our last semester of college there. We did an internship and then we stayed. I love LA.

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I spent a lot of time there. What makes LA better is having money. We were living in Valley Village in one room in a three-bedroom apartment that we subleted. It was the worst. It was hot and it was a valley. When you are rich here, this is great. Chicago is a great town to take a lot of risks and make a lot of mistakes with very low stakes. We had an algorithm called the Humor Algorithm. HA calculated and ranked the funniest cities in America. Chicago was number one. Chicago has plenty of industry but that is a huge industry of the city. People come out here from anywhere to do comedy specifically and that reach there for sure.

I like that it came out first and that when people guess they guess Chicago. You were the Creative Director for iO Comedy Network in Chicago and you did that these past few years and then you did freelance work. Do you know the story of it at all? I know some of it, but I have listeners now. Can you give me a quick rundown? The Second City is the birthplace of sketch comedy theater that uses improv. Sketch comedy is pre-written comedy scenes and improv is short for improvisation. No pre-planning or no writing. Saturday Night Live is a sketch comedy.

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Whose Line Is It Anyway? The Second City Theater in Chicago was the birthplace of popularized sketch comedy. They used improv comedy as a tool to rehearse and come up with ideas for sketches and write sketches out. The main show at Second City, they have something called Process, which is two months or so handful of weeks where they improvise in front of audiences.

That was the mode of comedy or that type of comedy for a long time. Improv was seen as this rehearsal tool for coming up with ideas. Del Close was a guy from San Francisco. I know that a lot of The Second City folks came from doing this type of thing in San Francisco and brought it to Chicago.

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Del Close was a director at The Second City. He was helping comedians improvise and come up with sketch ideas. We are hitting a tipping point where we can turn the improv into the show. He hit a lot of naysayers. A lot of people vehemently disagreed with him and he was famously cantankerous and grump. De did a lot of drugs and he considered himself a witch.

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He was a weird dude. He died pretty young because he was doing a ton of drugs all the time. Like a classroom is a little too confining and too rules-oriented. That 9 to 5, the rat race and so on. They like to keep their own hours and do whatever.