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Large explosions caused by American bombs and missiles have been reported to the south and east of the Afghan capital, Kabul, this evening. The sky above the city has been filled with tracer fire from Taliban anti-aircraft guns once again. Before the start of the air campaign, the Taliban had demanded evidence of Bin Laden's involvement in the attack and had offered to try him before an Islamic court inside Afghanistan - proposals that the US promptly rejected.

Al-Qaida warning an 'admission of guilt' Threats of new terrorist strikes against Britain and the US from Osama bin Laden's al-Qaida group amount to an admission of guilt for the September 11 attacks, the deputy prime minister, John Prescott, said today.

Mr Prescott, speaking while on a diplomatic mission in Moscow, argued that the latest statement from al-Qaida strongly suggested Bin Laden's culpability for last month's attacks on New York and Washington. He said Muslims in the US and Britain "should avoid travelling by air or living in high buildings or towers".

Americans and Britons were also warned to leave the Arabian Peninsula "because the land will burn with fire under their feet". Washington dismissed the comments as "propaganda", while a Downing Street spokeswoman echoed Mr Prescott's comment that the threats amounted to an admission of guilt.

Full story. Anti-US protests engulf Pakistani town Thousands of anti-US protesters today converged on a southern Pakistani town, fighting pitched battles with police and paramilitary troops. The desert city is the home of one of two air bases made available to US forces to support the air campaign against Osama bin Laden and his al-Qaida network. As rage grew over US-led air strikes on Afghanistan, one militant leader exhorted followers to set Shabaz airbase in Jacobabad on fire "at any cost", and another called on Pakistan's generals to overthrow the country's military ruler, General Pervez Musharraf.

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Birmingham trio guilty of terrorist plot

One early April morning in , Mohammad Ali lined up in front of Federal Plaza 26 in Manhattan behind many dark-haired men. The atmosphere was tense and—like the other men around him—Mohammed was fearful of what would happen, although he had been assured by an immigration lawyer that he had nothing to worry about.

Turkey Claims That Syria's Kurds Are Terrorists. Should Anyone Believe Them?

And because no one could tell him what to expect if he did not register with the Immigration and Naturalization Service, he appeared in good-faith, willing to obey the rules and laws of the country that had granted him and his family asylum in the mid-nineties. He had no idea that he would not come home to his wife and three children that day, or for that matter, ever again. After proceeding to the third floor to room , he was told that his lawyer had filed his asylum paperwork incorrectly.

Incidentally, Mr.

Ali was put and detained for seven months in Elizabethtown, New Jersey and then deported back to his country of origin Bangladesh. These policies have missed its target and abused the trust of cooperative communities.

What Might Have Been: Near Miss Experiences and Adjustment to a Terrorist Attack

In addition, an increased sense of threat held by many Americans has often formed a basis for subtle, pervasive societal racism. Furthermore, not only has it conflated immigration with terrorism, it has also evoked other periods in American history, when the rights and liberties of a specific minority have been sacrificed for national security. In and , the Special Registration program required male non-citizens above the age of 16 from 25 countries to register with the Department of Homeland and Security DHS as a measure of counter-terrorism.

It is no coincidence that 24 of these countries had predominantly Muslim populations. Out of the 80, who registered with DHS under the Special Registration Act between and , 13, were put into deportation proceedings. Like Mohammed Ali, most of them were charged with minor immigration offenses, such as overstaying visas. Even before September 11, several mid-nineties draconian immigration laws including the Anti-Terrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act, restricted and controlled immigration from countries such as Iran, Iraq and Libya.

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Ultimately, it was ineffective in curtailing terrorism, because none of the registered men were found to have connections to terrorism. In addition, the laws have been counter-productive: because many men were encouraged to register by their community leaders or Imams, previously cooperative communities are now closed as possible sources of intelligence. Question: have you been discriminated against?

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  • Turkey’s president says Syrian Kurdish fighters are terrorists—but he’s a very unreliable narrator..
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State Department has repeatedly criticized the use of military tribunals to try civilians and other similar limitations on due process around the world. Indeed, its annual Country Reports on Human Rights Practices evaluate each country on the extent to which it guarantees the right to a "fair public trial" - which it defines to include many of the due process rights omitted by the President's Military Order. The Executive Order gives the military commissions extraordinary powers to violate the most basic due process rights long guaranteed by the United States.

We recognize that the existing state of emergency in the United States permits certain derogations of internationally protected human rights. Nevertheless, the broad reach of the executive order sacrifices fundamental rights to personal liberty and to a fair trial that go far beyond what is permitted even in times of crisis.

November 15, The United States has routinely condemned gross transgressions of basic due process rights when committed by other governments because they violate binding international law to which the U.