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For biological subjects - e. Otherwise known as abnormal flag interpretation : CodeableConcept [ May include laterality. Indicates the mechanism used to perform the observation method : CodeableConcept [ The specimen that was used when this observation was made specimen : Reference [ The low bound of the reference range endpoint is inclusive of the value e.

If the low bound is omitted, it is assumed to be meaningless e. The high bound of the reference range endpoint is inclusive of the value e. If the high bound is omitted, it is assumed to be meaningless e. For example, the normal or therapeutic range type : CodeableConcept [ For example, a reference range may be based on the normal population or a particular sex or race appliesTo : CodeableConcept [ The age at which this reference range is applicable.

This is a neonatal age e. An example would be a reference value of "Negative" or a list or table of 'normals' text : string [ A reference to the observation or [[[QuestionnaireResponse]]] resource that is related to this observation target : Reference [ Sometimes this is called the observation "code" code : CodeableConcept [ The information determined as a result of making the observation, if the information has a simple value value[x] : Type [ These component observations are expressed as separate code value pairs that share the same attributes. Examples include systolic and diastolic component observations for blood pressure measurement and multiple component observations for genetics observations component [ One of these 2 fhir: Observation.

One of these 11 fhir: Observation.

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One of these 10 fhir: Observation. Structure Name Flags Card. Orders and Observations Work Group. Business Identifier for observation.

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Fulfills plan, proposal or order. Classification of type of observation Observation Category Codes Preferred. Reference Patient Group Device Location. Reference Encounter EpisodeOfCare.

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Healthcare event during which this observation is made. Who is responsible for the observation. Actual result. High, low, normal, etc. Observation Interpretation Codes Extensible.

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Comments about result. How it was done Observation Methods Example. Reference Specimen. Specimen used for this observation. Reference Device DeviceMetric. Measurement Device.


Low Range, if relevant. High Range, if relevant. Applicable age range, if relevant. Text based reference range in an observation. We are a talented structural and geotechnical monitoring company based in Surrey and working out of different sites across the UK.

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We are a place where clients feel looked after, where they trust our ability to deliver good quality data and come up with new products to support them. Our people, technology and extensive experience help our clients with civil engineering projects large and small. We work on exciting and prestigious projects at the forefront of the civil engineering sector including the new Wembley Stadium, Heathrow Airport, Crossrail, Northern Line Extension and Hinkley Point C.

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  5. We actively offer opportunities across our company, encourage development and career progression. We have also recently developed an internal career path for our monitoring engineers to support development and progression. You will have the opportunity to contribute, attend and take part in industry events, exhibitions and supplier development sessions. We value fairness, inclusion and respect. Respect and working together well, is a number one priority for us. We want your experience of us to be professional and one that you will tell others about. We like giving something back. All our employees are able to take up to 2 days paid leave per year to undertake charity work of their choice. We are dedicated in supporting our engineers of the future. We support many STEM events and are passionate about the future of engineering. We like to get together as a company regularly. Expect to be invited to all our social events and communication catch ups.

    We have strong values and ways of working. Our professional reputation is second to none, which makes us an attractive place to work. In my role, I have taken part in projects such as HS2 and the Northern Line Extension, installing and reading various instruments. These instruments have included inclinometers, extensometers and two types of piezometers; all devices used to monitor ground conditions in innovative and creative techniques.

    I have also been involved in processing data on some smaller projects. The best thing about working for Geo-Obs has been meeting and working alongside individuals who have knowledgeable and interesting career backgrounds in a diversity of areas. This has been a great stepping stone to the next challenge in my career.

    During my time with GeO I gained good solid work experience, which wasn't only sitting behind a desk - actually getting onto site in person and seeing all the engineering aspects which surround a project props, piling rigs etc. It helped me with my MSc as I had something to talk about which they could relate to. Great project experience on Northern Line Extension.

    Working on the Northern Line Extension with Geotechnical Observations provided me with invaluable industry experience. I was able to put some of the skills I had learnt during my first year at university into practice; as well as gaining new ones and providing me with an insight of how work is carried out on site. We are looking to recruit Monitoring Technicians based at our office in Weybridge. You will have an interest or a qualification in engineering. Duties will include, but not be limited to:. Undertaking site-based duties, including installation, commissioning, reading and maintenance of structural and geotechnical instrumentation.

    Collating site records and submitting them to the Projects Manager. We are looking for people with a positive attitude who are happy to work alone or with small groups of other people on construction projects. They must also be committed to providing high quality work to a programme. Other requirements are:. Earth observations play a major role in achieving the SDGs. GEO is instrumental in integrating Earth observation data into the methodology of measuring and achieving SDG indicators.

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    4. GEO makes available Earth observations in support of effective policy responses for climate change adaptation and mitigation, working with partners to enhance global observation systems in order to strengthen resilience and adaptive capacity to climate-related hazards. Earth observations contribute to disaster preparedness and better mitigation and response.