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You can use hot glue for this step as well. Make sure that you use masking tape for this. Glue a thin strip of craft foam for the crown base.

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Cut a 1-inch 2. Secure the strip to the forehead using masking tape or hot glue. The strip should be level with the tops of the ears. Sculpt a cobra and an vulture head out of paper clay. Look at reference pictures of Tutankhamun's mask for these. Start with a coil of clay for each, then twist the coils into a rough S-shape. Use your fingers to pinch a beak for the vulture, and a hood for the cobra. Add eyes using a toothpick, pen, pencil, or any other pointy object. Let the pieces dry. Make these about the same height as the nose, with the cobra being taller than the vulture. Glue the cobra and the vulture to the forehead strip.

Use hot glue, or any other strong glue, to secure the pieces to the 1-inch 2. The cobra goes on the left-hand side, and the vulture goes on the right. Find an empty toilet paper roll. If you don't have one, cut an empty paper towel roll in half, and use that instead.

You can also roll a 6-inch Cut two slits into the top of the tube. Each slit needs to be about 1 inch 2. Make the slits right across from each other. Your tube will now have two tabs on the top. Cut off one of the tabs at the top of the tube. Fold down one of the tabs to make a crease. Cut along the crease, and discard the tab.

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The top of the tube will now be 1 inch 2. Secure the tube to the chin part of your mask. Place the tube against the chin of your mask. Rotate it so that the longer edge is covering the front of the chin, and the shorter edge is under the chin. Secure it with strips of tape.

Tear newspaper into thin strips. It is better if you tear the newspaper rather than cut it; the ragged edges will blend in together much better. Try to have different sizes. This will help you fill in all those curves and angles. If you don't have newspaper, you can use blank newsprint, tissue paper, or even paper towels.

Create your paper mache glue. You can use your favorite recipe, or you can mix together equal parts of thick, white glue and warm water. Dip the strips into the glue, then apply them to the mask. Apply the strips to the seam between the mask and the headdress first. Apply them to the rest of the mask next, including the headdress and beard. Work one strip at a time. Don't soak all of the strips all at once. Your second layers may not need any glue; the glue from the previous layer may be enough to make them stick.

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Stuff the beard with paper, then cover the bottom with more paper mache. Scrunch up a ball of newspaper and stick it up the bottom of the beard. Place a few strips across the bottom of the beard to cover up the hole. Let the mask dry overnight, then paint it white. This will give you a smooth base to paint on, and make the paint show up better. If you want a smoother finish, you can paint it with white gesso, then sand it lightly with a fine-grit sanding sponge.

You may have to do the gesso and sanding step a few times to achieve a smooth finish. You can also use spray paint primer instead.