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Processed milk can undergo a couple of different processes to kill bacteria, increase its shelf life, and to change its texture. There are actually two different pasteurization techniques.

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Homogenization is a process that makes the natural fats in milk mix consistently together with the liquid by mixing the raw milk in large batches to create a consistent fat content, then forcing the mixed milk through tiny holes at very high pressures. Goat milk is therefore naturally homogenized. While homogenization is a dairy industry standard, some studies are showing the process may be a contributing factor in the rise of heart disease.

Now is the perfect time to bring fresh dairy products back to the home kitchen! The CDC lists these common potential contaminants:. Packed into tight quarters in an environment that can promote antibiotic-resistant bacteria, disease outbreaks, and other infectious problems, these factory farms require the use of pasteurization. Small-scale and family farms with high sanitary standards, however, are much less likely to involve antibiotic use, filthy stalls, and other contamination problems that could lead to an outbreak. While some dairy farms choose to feed their families raw milk for its many benefits, most still choose to sell only pasteurized milk.

There are a number of reasons for this. For one, raw milk spoils much more quickly, making it difficult to distribute over a large area.

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The sanitary precautions needed are also difficult to perform on a large business scale. Douglas K.

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