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Chasing Rainbows: The Things We Do When We're Desperate

Putnam's Sons. Condition: As New "Part man, part myth; part knight, part dragon," Timothy Leary recounts the story of his most extraordinary life with candor and iconoclastic humor in this page paperback. First Edition with dust jacket.. Condition: Very Good Underneath the controlled fervor of her prose, there is a great deal that is provocative and profound, as this autobiography traces Kitt's path from the cotton fields of South Carolina to the bright lights of Broadway.

One rifle featured per page, with one image of the entire gun, plus close-ups of both sides of the stock. Doukas Dominion Publishing Co. Who knew chicken stew could be so dangerous? A perfect holiday gift for your politically incorrect relations! Condition: Fine An opportune combination of Tom Martinson's observations of the daily routines of a family of ruffed grouse on Minnesota's north shore of Lake Superior and Gordon Gullion's field study of grouse biology and management at the Cloquet Forestry Center. Signed on title page by both Gullion and Martinson.

Originally published as a fundraiser for the Southwest Missouri Chapter of the Alzheimer's Association. Webster - Unabridged H. Hardcover first edition with dust jacket. Condition: Fine A composite of the squadron's recorded history, along with personal anecdotes told by the members themselves, spanning its earliest days in World War I through the Burma offensive in Hardcover without dust jacket. Hardcover with dust jacket. Condition: Fine Originally collected and published by Dr. Louis F. Translated from the German by Margaret Wolff.

Edited with an introduction and notes by Harry H. Inscribed by Fred Ott. Leopold Ranke William Colyer, Some browning to page edges and spots throughout. First Edition-- signed by author. Condition: Very Good Twenty-first printing of this spiral-bound collection of recipes dedicated "to all the mothers who so valiantly struggled through the Great Depression in their kitchens to keep body and soul of their families together. Mathiews D. Excellent condition. Condition:As New Major-league All-Star pitcher and Cazenovia, Wisconsin native Duren terrorized batters with his erratic mph fastball, but it's his inner demons of alcoholism and attempted suicide that he addresses in this book.

Inscribed by author on title page on June 9, Foreward by Jim "Mudcat" Grant. Second Printing. Condition:Very Good Wanna understand those zany German designers? Here's the book for you, written by the man who organized the Bauhaus Basic Course in Very clean and bright copy. Jackson Thos.

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Jackson Publishing, Seventeenth Printing. Slightly chipped dust jacket in clear protective sleeve. Fifth edition. Condition:Very Good Essays on the life and character of our 16th president by 33 of his distinguished contemporaries, from U. Henry Ward Beecher.

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Spine slightly faded; otherwise very good condition.. Lois Lenski J. Lippencott, Fourth printing.

Curt Walstead

Condition:Very Good, published without dust jacket page story of Tine Wilson and her mining family in West Virginia. Ex-library book, stamped on edge and inside front with "Reedsburg School Distict. Sylvicola: or, Songs from the Backwoods Rev. Condition: Very Good You'll find a collection of "Idylls and Fantasies from the heart of Canadian backwoods and the wilds of Wisconsin" in this extremely rare hardcover first edition. Plus, gilt edges!!

Rainbowfishes In Nature and in the Aquarium Dr.

Gerald R. Allen Tetra Verlag Condition: Fine An authoritarian volume on the latest sensation in the aquarium hobby, including accounts of over 70 species with brilliant color illustrations, distribution maps, and personal anecdotes from Dr. Allen's fieldwork in the "realm of the rainbow. From the collection of St. Anton M. Jaschke Wit Herzliechen Grussen. Barnes Condition: Very Good A compendious resume of not only the cultural methods of violet-growing, but also their uses for food and medicine.

Signed by the author and also includes a very lovely letter from the author to Lynn Needham of Evanston, IL. Condition: Very Good This first edition of the best-selling novel that made Morgan's career is "written as beautifully as it is possible for a book to be," according to reviewer John Bayley. But really, who cares about that? What a lucky guy!! Hammond University of Hawaii Press, Spanning the Hawaiin, Cook, Austral, and Society Islands, this softcover volume describes not only the art itself, but also the artisans and their techniques.

Prolifically illustrated with color and black and white photographs. Will young Nancy fall for the strapping William? Will The Kentucky Inn succeed in such a wild land? Is this the end of Riders in the Sky?

Read e-book Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Rainbow Readers Book 350)

Inscribed by author in pencil on Dec. George Rach. Marv Balousek Waubesa Press Condition: Very Good Take a look behind the curtains at The House on the Rock to learn about Alex Jordan's dark side: Sexual blackmail, insatiable greed, and corporate double-crossing! A true story of architecture and art that you won't find in the Infinity Room's gift shop! Willi Rickmer Rickmers F. In German, and includes maps and photograph of author. Signed by the author!

From young Mozart to black holes, 350 years of the Royal Society go online

Condition: Good page French encyclopedia with 5, illustrations, tables, and maps. Leather covers and binding are chipped and worn from extensive use, but internally this volume is in good condition. First edition. If you read as part of your down time, so will they. Use activities as reading opportunities. If you're cooking, have your child read out the recipe. Pass a road map to the back of the car and have the kids find the route to Nana's house. Turn the sound off on the TV and the captions on. Read picture books out loud for fun.

how to calculate your lucky number

Read seasonal poems. Try a ghost story while camping. Read or tell a bedtime story every night - even to the big kids. Take turns as a family, use funny voices! Keep a photo journal of the holidays.

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