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These clients have continued to help their children financially, to their own financial detriment, even though they are now adults who should be caring for themselves.

As a parent, you always want the best for your kids but you have to realize that enabling them to this degree is not doing them any favors. It is parents' responsibility to raise independent children who will be able to take care of themselves both financially and otherwise shortly after finishing their studies. There is a big difference between "helping out" a child in need and consistently being the source of funding for the lifestyle they are living. Here's the takeaway: Prepare your children early in life to be financially independent.

If not, your retirement plans may need to include funding your child's lifestyle, in addition to funding your own retirement. This strategy will negatively impact your retirement in terms of what you are able to afford. Sign up for free newsletters and get more CNBC delivered to your inbox. Get this delivered to your inbox, and more info about our products and services.

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Skip Navigation. Markets Pre-Markets U. VIDEO Invest in You: Ready. Prepare your children early in life to be financially independent. If you are seriously worried about the way in which your child is being treated, you need to seek legal advice without delay. Any decision to do so should not be taken lightly and is bound to be met with considerable hostility by your ex. In extreme cases, you could apply for a residence order but bear in mind that the court would always look at the welfare and best interests of the child first. CSA Reassessment Of course, there are other options.

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You could Enter Into Mediation with your ex to try to air your concerns and to reach a mutually satisfactory agreement. If you are paying money through the CSA, you could also ask for a reassessment if the money you are paying is causing Financial Difficulties in comparison to your ex's life of luxury. This might help you in knowing just where your money is going. Misuse of Maintenance Payments. Previous Page. Next Page. You might also like Child maintenance: What am I paying for? A Guide to Child Maintenance Payments. Buying Presents for Your Kids.

Hi I have recently split from my partner and have regular overnight stays, 10 nights a month consistently and she has told the CMS that the shared care is 1 night per week.

Child Support Questions

The 10 nights per month are excluding any half term time etc. The lady that I spoke to at the CMS has said the only way that I can contest this is with a court order or to instruct a solicitor???? CMS is letting down children in by having very poor processes in place. Such poor processes are fully taken advantage of by parents if it advantageous for them.

This mal-practice is then spread to other by formal and informal advice. The laws on this must be changed to protect children. I say based on real experiences.

4 Problems With The Modern Child Support System

I'm a Indian lady who lost custody of my children when they where 3 and 4 because my dad didn't like the fact I left my husband. The child support agency then took me to court and put a charge on my property because I didn't give my ex husband money. Instead of giving him money I paid for my children's clothes dinner money school trips milk etc.

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I did everything and kept the receipt s only for the child support to day I was volunteering to do that. The charge was put on there in and I didn't hear from them until now. I can't afford to do that. My son came to live with me when he was 7 and my daughter when she was What if I see my child regularly every week but my ex partner doesnt declare this to get the full amount of csa.

Child Custody - Steps to take if your child's mom won't allow you to see your child

I appealed against the claim but didnt have evidence to prove I see my child regularly, that I could show. Is this classed as fraud and would I be due money back it have the ammounts I have to pay decreased? Jm - 8-Oct PM. My husband has just found from CMS that his ex wife has been fraudulently claiming for Child benefit and subsequently Child maintenance for last year?

CMS have been a bit reluctant and very lapse with any information regarding this? Can my husband expect to be creditied with the thousands of pounds he has paid his ex wife for his daughter. Also what is the most likely outcome for his ex-wife? If it was the other way round and the dad had been fraudulent in his information I am sure the story would be very different, it really isn't a very fair process??

I already pay my ex 40 pound a month extra ontop of the csa payment I'm due plus go halves on school trips , clothes etc and my ex wanted me to up the money even though she gets extra I said no , so now she is refusing to give me either of my kids until I take her to court which I cant afford and will recieve no legal help , How is this fair?

So her payment will probably be upped and I dont see my kids and not hy choice , something needs to be put in place So the recieveing parent cant just play god and decide oh I'll stop time eith your children so csa will grant me more money because I'm reducing the nights and days to 0 it isnt in the childs best intrest , things like this should really be looked into and sanctions etc for when it happens and there is proof , not to mention she had the children an extra week and a half so I gave her more so all in all of august she had pound Anon - 3-Sep PM.

My son stays with me regularly. As of today he has spent nights with me since 1st January That equals On balance that's 1 day over shared care over the course of the year. For the last 4 months I have phoned the Child Maintenance Service to update them as it's one of the 6 key changes they want to hear about. Each phone callI request a new assessment as, by rights, i should either be paying far less or nothing at all.

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Only once have they followed through with my request. The answer.

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They wont be changing anything. Because my ex-wife has lied and claimed he is there more than he is. I requested they ask him, no. They seem that unfair but it's fair to ignore my requests. How can it be fair that I have to prove everything yet SHE doesn't. How can it be that a young person can be asked in court where they want to live regarding custody but not to verify where they live etc.

I suggested I would withhold my payments until it is sorted. Florida law operates under the theory that every child has the right to be financially supported by both parents, whenever possible. Often there is confusion regarding the Florida support guidelines , financial affidavits and income withholding orders. Many parents have questions regarding child support after the age of eighteen in the state of Florida.

Florida child support orders which were signed prior to October , may not have end dates listed. Further, many judges continue to sign orders without these end dates, and, despite the Florida child support statute requirements, these orders are still valid. The current requirement to incorporate an end date for child support was meant to eliminate the necessity of returning to court to obtain an order which terminates child support. If you currently make your child support payments directly to the other parent rather than to the state of Florida , it will be easier to end the support when a child turns That is, if your child support order requires direct payment and your child reaches the legal termination age for child support, you will simply stop writing the monthly check.

The first exception you may encounter is that Florida statutes contain a provision which will extend child support until your child reaches the age of 19, in the event your child has not graduated from high school by his or her 18 th birthday. In this event, child support will continue until the child graduates—with a maximum age for graduation of Therefore, if a child graduates after the age of 18, but before the age of 19, the child support will terminate the day the child graduates—with one exception.

Florida child support laws address the fact that some children are absolutely not on track to graduate from high school before they turn This provision is intended to encourage parents to work to ensure their child graduates on time. The next exception under Florida law is the child who has special needs , and will never become a self-supporting adult. In this case, child support could last for the life of the child. In most cases, this will be acknowledged in the original child support court order.

If the issue was not addressed, or if the child suffered an accident which would prohibit him or her from ever becoming a self-supporting adult after the court order, then a modification is necessary. If the child reaches the age of 18, and child support has ended without such a modification, the case to continue child support cannot be reopened. And a court must have recognized the incapacity before that time. These circumstances could include the child marrying prior to the age of 18, or entering the military prior to the age of The state of Florida would assume in such cases, the child is no longer being supported by his or her parents, therefore child support would end on the date of the event marriage or entering the military.

If there are changes in custody—suppose the noncustodial parent becomes the primary custodial parent—then a new child support worksheet will be filed with the court in order to determine how child support will change. If your particular situation does not allow you to simply stop paying child support when your child reaches the age of 18, you must file a Supplemental Petition to Modify or Terminate Child Support in the same court your original child support order was entered, using your original case number.